Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Well, you know pain, right?"

I had an appointment with the PT today for my hip.  I saw Dr. W for this problem a couple of weeks ago.  It was barely there.  He told me I could run through it and it went away.

Until last Tuesday, when it returned after I ran a quickish (7:00 pace) 6 miles.  It's been bothering me ever since, so I figured I needed some PT.  We'd tried our hardest to Graston it out ourselves, but it still bothered.  It's not SEVERE pain, but it hurts, and the last thing I need is a nagging injury.  I've survived running with 11/10 abdominal pain, and I'd like to hang my hat up in terms of running through pain, please.

Today, my PT was Jeff.  Jeff and Mike, both PTs at Dr. W's office, have inflicted MUCH healing pain on me via Graston treatments.  I've had Graston on the following areas (listed in area of painfulness):  Achilles tendon, plantar fascia, IT band, hip flexors (first time today!), and the soleus.

I told Jeff that my pain was a bit different than it was when I first saw Dr. W.  So he did a full assessment on me.  I kept mentioning that Dr. W said I could run on this, because what I really wanted to know is...can I still run on this?  Jeff evaded this question over and over as he was assessing me.  He announced that it was iliopsoas tendonitis as the result of a strain there.  Cool, but can I run on it?

"Well, you know pain, right?"  "Yes, I do."  "Well, you know how to judge when something should be run through or not.  Just listen to your body."  Actually, Jeff....no, I am still learning to do that.  So I need you, someone, anyone, to tell me what to do.  I didn't actually say that.  I said "I sometimes push through too much."  "Just don't let it get worse than a 4/10."  4/10?  Are you kidding?  If this was a 4/10, buddy I wouldn't be here.  Maybe it's just me, but it's got to get to a 6 or so before I seek help.  I'm glad to know that 4/10 should be the cut off.  Maybe that will keep me out of this situation in the future.

Anyway, I finally just asked him to please ask Dr. W if I could run.  I have utmost faith in him and will do whatever he tells me to do.  First, Jeff did the Graston.  Ow.  But he got it.  He dug around and it made my eyes water, so hopefully it will help.  I'll be getting the rest of my Graston in Bedford (two minutes from my house) by a therapist named Penny.  Never met her, but I will tomorrow at 2:15.

Dr. W said that I could run on it if it wasn't too bad, but to listen to my body.  FINE.  "What if I took a week off of running?" I asked Jeff.  "That would be great for it."  So I'm starting there, and will have Graston probably two or three more times before then.  He told me I could use the elliptical or the bike.  I tried the elliptical and it bothered my hip after 10 minutes.  I'll try to the bike soon, but it may be that I need to totally rest my legs.  I hate that, but luckily there is an answer.  It won't keep me aerobically fit, but it will keep me sane and it is guaranteed to hurt:  P90X.  Starting tomorrow...just upper body stuff, and maybe the yoga.

I have also told myself that I may need longer than a week.  I have 4.5 months til Chicago.  Two weeks off will not affect my performance much (say it with me....it won't matter, it won't matter, it WON'T MATTER!).

In other news, I'm still struggling to get an appointment with Dr. Wiebke.  I called his office today, and his (consistently rather rude) secretary told me that they didn't have any info on me and then said:  "Do you actually have cancer, or what?"  Um.  So I told her what my path report said.  And she said:  "That might be wrong.  We need to review the pathology to see if you even need to see him."  I said okay, and that I'd make sure the other surgeon sent the pathology.  Then she informed me that she refused to schedule my appointment until they had received my pathology.  I was a bit shocked, but said okay.  THEN she said..."And we have one spot open next Thursday.  After that it would be the end of July."  Whoa, I cannot wait til then.  I told her so and asked if she could please schedule me to hold the spot.  She wouldn't.

I immediately called Dr. Jones' office, who should have sent my info over last week.  No answer, had to leave three messages.  They called me back at 4:30 while I was changing wild Rowan's diaper.  I couldn't get to the phone (he can jump off the changer), and she left a message.  The message said that they hadn't sent my info over because they can't find the right phone/fax number.  Google, use Google!  I called back immediately and they were closed.  So I have to call first thing in the morning and tell them to rush the slides containing my abdominal contents to Dr. Wiebke's office.  If the appointment on Thursday is gone, I don't know what to do.  I would probably pull any strings that I have.  One of my T32 advisors knows him well, and I know she could probably get me in.  Or I might just email him again myself.  I'm kind of through playing nice with these people.

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