Saturday, May 21, 2011

HOT run!

It sure was.  Tim was up in Terre Haute for his very first tri.  So I ran with Kathy this morning at 9:00.  When we texted last night, we had settled on a 17-mile run.  When I went out to stash water last night, though, it was so humid that I wondered if I should stash in a way that would allow us to cut it at 15 if needed, so that's what I did.

It was needed.  When we started, it was in the high 70s and sunny.  Very humid.  And it would hit 80 while we were out there.  Hardly any wind.  We wore as little as possible, but it was still very warm.  We intentionally started out pretty easily, but perhaps not easily enough.   We are not quite acclimated to the heat yet, and neither of us have done a super hilly long run in a long time.

I actually felt really good on this run, but I was burning up.  I am usually not too affected by the heat, and I wasn't today, but Kathy is.  And toward the end the humidity was making it hard to breathe.  It was so hot I kept thinking "I wonder what would happen to Bill out here?"  When we made it to the twin tower hills, the temperature seemed to sky rocket.  It's because there was absolutely NO wind.  Those hills were tough.  But I still like them.

Needless to say, we ran 15, not 17.  That's perfectly fine.  And my legs finally feel normal.  They haven't felt this way since the marathon/surgery.  And, I'm happy to report--NO abdominal pain.  I am still sore under my rib cage on the right side from the surgery, but it's soreness and not stabbing pain.  I had zero of the old pain.  I'm still at the point that, every time I get ready for a run, I'm scared the pain will be there.  But it's not.  I just don't know how long it will take for me to be convinced that I'm totally better.  But I felt great today.

We finished and Kathy had to leave quickly.  I went in the house to see if Tim had called my phone.  I wanted to know how he did.  He hadn't called.  I texted him and didn't get a response.  Kathy called wanting to know how Tim did, but I told her I still hadn't heard.  Finally, I called him and he answered.  He had a good race, with a couple of hiccups:  He and Bill got there later than they expected, which led to a hurried start.  They gave him the wrong color swimming cap, which indicates in what wave you start.  He started in the correct wave, but was wearing the wrong color.  They told him that they'd correct his time, but it does not appear that they did.  Finally, he had an issue with the water bottle on his bike.  The velcro on it kept coming unstrapped.  He messed with it for 5 miles but finally it fell off, which meant he had no water for the bike ride.  He also didn't have a watch.  His Garmin is in the shop and he didn't have another watch to wear.  Now, he didn't think the lack of a watch was a hiccup.  I'm the only one who thinks that.

But, for his first tri, it went VERY well.  He placed second for the first-timers (and maybe first if his time were corrected).  His official time was something like 1:55:17, but again we don't think that's correct.  He's not too concerned about the time, though.  This was a practice tri for his half IM in July..a way to work the kinks out.  I do know this:  he had a blast.  Which means that bike was a good investment.

Trail run tomorrow!

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  1. Peel three minutes off that official time. They didn't correct, guaranteed.