Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dr. W and more

I saw him today.  If you remember, Dr. Weidenbener is my sports medicine doctor.  I went to see him about my hip flexor.  It's actually much improved, but I already had the appointment and I hadn't had a chance to talk to him since my surgery.  Dr. W is the only doctor who is surviving this whole ordeal--I've fired the rest of them.  He told me up front that he did not know what it was, and felt that it was an issue for my internal medicine doctor (which it was).

The first five minutes I saw him, we didn't even talk about my hip.  I told him all about my surgery, what they found, and how upset I was with the other doctors.  He agreed.  Then it was onto my hip. I really just wanted to know one thing:  is it okay for me to run on this?  Yes, it is (whew).  It's not a stress fracture, which I knew since it hurts more to pull my knee up than on impact.  It's a slight strain, so he said I'm fine to run on it, but I can't do any hard/fast running for two weeks.  That's fine, as I do not need that kind of running right now anyway.

This is why I like Dr. W so much--he answers that one question that all runners have.  And he's more aggressive than a lot of other doctors.  So many people tell you to rest when you don't HAVE to..and when slow, easy running actually helps.

The only thing bad about the appointment was that I had to get up around 7:00 to go...and I didn't get to bed til 3:00...and that was after being up 21 hours straight.  I had a hard time waking up.  Thank goodness for my mom, who is off on Wednesdays and came to watch Rowan for me so I could sleep.  I was out cold for two hours and felt tremendously better when I got up.  The rest of the afternoon was spent in T32 seminar (which I joined via webinar because I wasn't about to drive up to Indy again today).

At 5:00, Tim and I met with the "5 at 5:00" group since mom was here to watch the kids. The usual suspects were there, including Bill and Kathy.  As soon as we started, we split into two groups:  me and Kathy in the front, and all the boys behind us.  We weren't going fast, they were just going more slowly than usual, and I think that might have been because Bill has a dinged up hamstring (which would be fixed if he would submit to our robot, Therbo, but he's skeptical.  Bill:  it works wonders!!).  There was a light drizzle but otherwise the weather was nice.  Kathy and I talked about what we were going to do this weekend since Foxes is out for me.  Tim has decided to do a sprint tri up in Terre Haute with Bill et al., and Kathy is on the fence about Foxes.  She may do a long run in town instead.  So, if she does the latter, I'll run with her.

Now, not the whole way.  I'm thinking she's probably going to do 20 or even more (she's racing Sunburst in early June).  I don't feel quite ready for that yet.  But I could at least join her for 15 or so.  We also talked about running skirts and various other girl topics.  At the beginning of this run, I did have a little bit of my abdominal pain.  It was not bad, and it faded to virtually nothing, but it's just a reminder to me that all of that is still healing up.  I see Dr. Jones next Tuesday and will get the biopsy results and will also find out if more surgery is necessary for the endometriosis.  The pain is very associated with breathing, and so I know this pain is the diaphragm.  It sits right on top of the liver, and so when it was infected the diaphragm got really irritated (left shoulder pain, which I had, is often a sign of some kind of liver infection...sad nobody picked up on that).  I don't know if the diaphragm is still irritated or if the liver is rubbing it wrong or what.  I have a lot of questions for Dr. Jones when I see her.

The pain was nothing but an annoyance.  Definitely not sharp or stabbing.  I think it will continue to fade until it is totally gone.  The group ran 5, but Tim and I ran 7.  My hip felt better when I finished than when I started.  I have no idea how fast we went.  My Garmin is messed up, and Tim's is broken.  It was very weird to run without a Garmin.  But, alas, we survived.  It can be done.

In other news, my new coaching endeavor is going well.  I LOVE it.  Sara is doing great and I find myself really enjoying helping her out and watching her progress.  Her fall marathon is going to be awesome!

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