Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not what I expected.

I got my biopsy results today.  No endometriosis.  That surprised me.

Here is what the biopsies from my right and left peritoneum, as well as my liver, revealed:

Dense fibrous connective tissue with mucin deposit accompanied by muciphages.  No malignant component identified.

Now, to translate that.  The key word up there is mucin.  Mucin is a gel-like substance that, from what I understand, is usually secreted in the presence of carcinomas (cancers).  It should NOT be in one's peritoneum, as it is in mine.  My surgeon didn't know anything about it, and I'm still trying to piece together information.  It can be caused by a benign tumor of the appendix.  My appendix looked normal, but I don't know if that rules it out as contributory.  My appendix was mentioned in the path report as a possible cause.

Bottom line:  I'm calling a surgical oncologist tomorrow for a consultation.  The pathology report said that it was not malignant, but mucin implants must be treated aggressively, as they can affect the liver (and it appears they already have mine, though I may have had an infection concurrently).  And they can turn malignant if left in place. 

I realize this is a disjointed blog post, but I'm kind of in shock and very confused.  Mucin deposits could only be in my peritoneum because a cancerous or non-cancerous growth on an organ is making them over-produce.  I don't know if this means more surgery or what.  I'll update as soon as I know something, and I must say that now I am even more angry at all the doctors who did nothing to help me.

In other news...great run today.

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