Friday, June 24, 2011

My first triathlon!

Made you look.  If you know me, you know that I'm a running purist.  To the extreme.  I cannot fathom why my husband, or anyone else for that matter, would want to swim or ride a bike when they could be running.  Now, I have nothing against those sports.  I love to watching cycling, in fact.  But I do not enjoy participating in them.

Which is why, during my first triathlon, I'm only doing the run portion.  It's a "friendly" triathlon called the Jim-n-I.  I don't know the whole story behind it, but basically a bunch of Bedford triathletes meet in Sullivan, IN and swim in a lake, ride an obscene amount of miles, and run a 15K.  You can do all or some of it.  If you do any of it, you're considered a finisher.  I have no idea if the 15K will be fast like a real race, or more of a group run.  I'll do whatever.  If they're racing, I'll race.  I'm not very fast at the moment, but I love to race. There is also a lot of food.

Count me in.  Tim will be doing all three events.  I really wish I could run the whole time just to prove a point about how wonderful running is.  But the book "Born to Run" has kind of already alerted everyone to that fact, I doubt anyone would notice my demonstration, and I'd probably endure a great deal of suffering.

So there are lots of random things going on at the moment: the toenails are healing nicely, I got my new custom 3.0 Frees (the ones with the Free Run upper and the names of my children on the toe tags), I had a deep tissue massage on my legs that nearly KILLED me, and I'm still having some issues with eating/abdominal pain.  But not horrible.  I'm running 20 miles on Sunday.  And, at this point, it looks like I'll be solo again.  That's a shame, because the course is beautiful if a little hilly.

Amelia is now the owner of an iPad2 that she saved up for....and is the envy of her mother.

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