Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gallbladder be gone!

That's right.  I have to have my gallbladder removed.  Would it have been nice to know this when I had surgery back on May 9 so that it could have been done then?  Yes.  But that's just not how my body likes to always take the complex route. 

To refresh your memories (assuming I still have an audience given my spotty entries as of late), I had what seemed to be a severe gallbladder attack back on June 12.  I ended up in the emergency room with severe (as in, worse than child birth) pain and uncontrollable vomiting.  The physician who treated me was about as inconsiderate as they come.  But he gave me Dilaudid and that took the pain away.  After I left, I refused to eat anything other than clear liquids (gummy bears, etc.) for fear of another attack.  Any time that I would eat anything heavier, I'd get a twinge of pain.

Last weekend, I started eating normally again.  And I had a LOT more pain and nausea.  So I went to see my surgeon this week.  She says the gallbladder has got to come out.  They are to call me today to schedule surgery. 

So, the question I'm asking is:  was this related to all the other muck in my abdomen?  Until this gallbladder stuff, since my surgery, I've been pain free on my runs.  She thinks it is a separate issue that is maybe somehow related or that it may have made the other stuff worse.  At any rate, it's coming out.

The recovery will be around 2 weeks.  I will run as soon as I can after the surgery, but also recognize that I have to let myself heal from this.  I want to race Chicago, but if I can''s not the end of the world.  I would love to run it with my dad.  I could then race the Monumental Marathon in Indy in November...and there is always Tecumseh.

I am very, very, very hungry for regular food!

In other news, Amelia is at church camp.  It kills me.  I know she is having a wonderful time, but it makes me realize how much I love having her around.  She is a very busy girl with camps this summer, and will soon be starting travel soccer.  At least she's allowing me to "train" her for that via running.  She's growing up too fast. Rowan is doing well at his daycare, and I'm getting a ton of stuff done on my dissertation.

Oh, and I made a running fashion blog!  Check out Taylor's What I Wore (On my Run) blog.

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