Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After Sunday's 21, I was pretty wrecked.  Not injured, but my legs, and especially my left groin, were really sore and really tired.  I had no desire to run yesterday, and I didn't.  I didn't do much of anything that didn't involve being seated. 

As the day wore on, I started to have anxious thoughts about the marathon.  Not the race itself, but that I won't make it.  I've never made it this far into a training cycle, and so my mind is going crazy.  It's just waiting for something bad to happen.  As if something bad hasn't already happened...but I suppose my brain is throwing around the idea of something that completely prevents me from running is on the brink.  I actually succeeded in getting myself pretty worked up.  That, at least, kept me from obsessing about my pain.

Today I set out to run anywhere from 10-13 miles.  The schedule said 10, but I had a 13 scheduled for Thursday.  Since I'll be in Florida that day, I wanted to switch them so that I was doing more running here, and less running there (it's 85 there during the day).  But, with how tired my legs were after Sunday, I figured I might only make it 10.  In the end, I went 13.  My legs felt fine (mostly due to the fact that I took it VERY easy), but my abdominal pain was a major issue once again--much more than Sunday.

Surprisingly, it was pretty much only on the left side.  I kept pressing on the spot where it has been hurting, and I could tell I wasn't getting it.  I moved my hand down, more toward my navel, and there it was.  Know what spot that is?  That's the spot that was injected, initially, with cortisone 3 weeks ago.  Apparently, that shot is beginning to wear off.  However, the portions of the muscle that were injected last week remain in pretty good shape.  Do you have any idea how maddening that is?  You'd think cortisone injections would be simple.  In my case, they aren't.  The pain was pretty bad, and I was discouraged.  It didn't help that I had a 14 mph wind in my face half the time, either.  It was just a blah run.

So it seems like, next time I get cortisone, I need him to inject the muscle belly, as well as the ridges that I feel.  I'm getting really worn out with trying to figure out exactly where the needles should go.  Sunday was so much better that I expected a good run today.  Didn't happen, but my legs felt good and I got the miles done.

I head to St. Pete Beach tomorrow.  I will be home Sunday afternoon.  I do not believe I have Internet access where I am staying, so you may all be on pins and needles while I'm gone.  If not, you can surely pretend to be. 


  1. Wendy:

    You did the really long run, 21 miles. So you are no on taper (madness if you wish). ¿You can't do 13?. Do 10. Or 7. Remember: you WON'T be undertrained.

    IMO, taper is mainly for listening to your body. Because, trained, you are indeed.

  2. Thanks, Mario! I'm not quite to taper. This is a stepback week, I have one more big week (with a long run of 22), and then it's taper time. Once I make it to taper, I'll settle down. I think...