Sunday, March 6, 2011

17 and Done

Another 17 miles done.  I wish I could say that it went as well as yesterday's run, but it didn't.  I was in moderate pain until about mile 13, then the beasts really took over.  Both sides.  Once that left side comes out to play, it's all over for me.  I couldn't get it to calm down after that.  I made it through, but I fell off the back of the group (Bill, Kathy, Emily, me, and Tim) and just barely got through the last few miles.

The weather was actually pretty nice, and the company even better.  I also got to witness Emily hitting her first 100-mile (101, actually) week.  My legs were toast.  I was acutely aware of my quads a half a mile in.  Never a good sign.  But once the abdominal pain came in, I didn't really notice my legs anymore.  I notice them now, though.  It is a really, really, REALLY good thing I did not try to go 20 today.  I am in major need of an ice bath.  But we don't have a bath tub--that's my perpetual excuse.  As an aside, Wes and Scott ran THIRTY miles today in Morgan Monroe.  That sounds like a horrible idea right now, but I'd like to do it someday.

Busy week ahead.  More doctor appointments, which I'll report on as they come. 

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