Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It has arrived.  Well, sort of.  Lately, we've been getting a ton of cold rain.  It changed, temporarily, to snow yesterday...but back to cold rain just in time for my run.

My least favorite weather to run in is that comprised of cold/wind/rain.  It doesn't matter how well you dress.  It's misery.  There is nothing good about cold rain hitting your face.  It stings.  The last couple of days of running have thus been not exactly pleasant.  My second least favorite running weather is cold.  I'd take heat over EXTREME cold any day.  By extreme cold, I mean in the teens or below.  I hate it.  But it's on its way.

Living in Indiana, there is no way getting around winter running...unless you run on a treadmill, and that's even worse than the cold.  So, anyway, I'm ready for it!  Or at least I'm telling myself that.

Now onto the exciting news--the Bowders are coming in today!  All the way from Vancouver, Washington!  They're here for the Tecumseh marathon. Stay tuned for details on that ;)

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