Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Business as usual.

So my blog post yesterday got a lot of views and comments.  Perhaps I should rant more often?  Probably not.

So, back to business as usual.

It's insanely hot here (and nearly everywhere else in the US).  What's more, though, is the humidity.  The dew point was 82 today.  82!  And I thought 72 was bad.

So I was to run 13 miles today.  Doing it in the middle of the day was completely out.  I would die.  I could either do it right before I took Rowan to daycare, or right after.  Given the fact that it was going to be over 80 and 5 am, I chose the former.

I got up at 5:20 a.m. and was out the door by 5:30.  I. Was. Tired.  But the thought of running in the heat and humidity in addition to the sun shining down on me outweighed my desire for sleep.  I cannot describe in words how humid it was.  I could almost see droplets of water in the air.  It was nothing short of oppressive.  Nothing to be done about it, and so I was off.

At first, I felt very sluggish.  Probably because I'd only been awake for 10 minutes.  But after the first mile, I felt okay.  It was actually a very good run.  Late in the run, I had a lot more energy and sped up quite a bit.  I didn't look at my splits (I only do that when I'm trying to hit a certain pace), but I know I negative split this run.  Though I enjoyed the run, I was quite glad for it to be over.  I was drenched.  I drank a ton of water and still lost three pounds.

The heat's not going anywhere any time soon.  Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be hotter still.  So I'll be doing 5:30 am runs until further notice.  Tim is, too.  I do Tuesday/Thursday during the week, and he does Monday/Wednesday.  We work it out on the weekends.

Though I hate getting up so early, I LOVE the quiet nature of early morning runs.  No one is out there.  Hardly any cars.  It's serene.

In other news, I saw Penny today about my hip.  It's kind of bothering me again.  It's certainly not bad enough to make me stop, but there must be something going on for it to have come back.  Well, Penny found it.  It's my butt.  Yes, my butt.  She started poking around on the right side of my back side and BAM she hit an exquisitely tender spot.  Piriformis, obturator, and some other muscles were "all junked up."

She Grastoned them.  Wow--ouch.  It was so bad that she said she couldn't get to all of it in one visit.  She also did my hip and quad, but believes the butt stuff is the source of the problem, as it's putting excess stress on the hip.  I go back on Friday for more digging.  I love Penny.

Some other random things to report:  Today is my second wedding anniversary.  Tim and I went to dinner where we had one of our very first dates.  I love my husband.  Second, I booked a trip to Disney World for October.  I love, love, love Disney World and have not been in over five years.  I'm celebrating myself (for completing a dissertation...which I WILL do before that trip).  I'm really cheap (actually...it's more that I'm just into saving money), so this was a big deal for me.  But I finally pulled the trigger and I'm glad I did it.  Thirdly, my dissertation interviews are going very well and are almost complete.  I have had the pleasure of hearing some very interesting and touching stories.  I can't wait to get even deeper into analysis.

No running tomorrow--just lots of work.

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