Monday, April 18, 2011


Okay, before I blog about my life and my running...did you watch the Boston marathon today?  I was pretty much only interested in the women's race.  And, specifically, I was interested in the performances of Desiree Davila and Kara Goucher (and Joan Samuelson, too).  Though Kara did not win, she ran a big PR.  Given that I have a baby around the age of her son, I can tell you that that is a HUGE accomplishment.  I hope she is not disappointed with her performance.

And Desiree, just wow.  Second place in 2:22:xx.  That's insane.  I am so happy for her and for women's marathon running in the United States.  And we have to give a shout out to Ryan Hall, who ran 2:04.  The winning time for the men was the fastest marathon EVER run!  Now, it won't beat the current WR given that Boston is a net downhill course...but still...just, wow.

Okay, back to me.  I saw Dr. Stowell, the doctor who delivered Rowan, this morning.  There has been some consideration on my part about whether my pain could be due to endometriosis.  In a word:  no.  The reason is that I don't have any pelvic pain.  Now, endometriosis can spread/grow anywhere in the body, including the diaphragm.  But it always starts in the pelvis and grows from there.  I just don't have any pelvic pain. 

Though he couldn't help me, Dr. Stowell acknowledged that this pain is a result of my pregnancy.  I didn't have it before or during the pregnancy.  I had Rowan, and boom there it was.  He mentioned that he's seen several women sustain abdominal strains as a result of pregnancy, but that those usually don't last over a few weeks.  In addition, he said they usually complain of pain lifting/twisting (as you would expect with damage to the ab muscles).  I don't have that...and, anyway, I have an MRI that says my abdominal muscles look totally normal.  He said that it is feasible to believe that something is either pulling/pushing on a nerve, or that something got stuck together.  EXACTLY.  That's what I think is going on.  I told him of my plans to see a surgeon in Indy next week, and he thought that was a good idea.

So...while I didn't get any answers, I finally had someone listen to me and acknowledge that this pain originated with my pregnancy (AND NOT RUNNING).  I am hopeful that it can be totally resolved.  Until then...I'm getting a new TENS unit tomorrow.  A 6-lead one, which will allow me to stimulate more areas while I run.  I have to go to the outpatient therapy clinic to be "trained" on it.  They don't realize that I know a LOT about TENS units at this point, and the only way to deal with my pain is to turn the intensity all the way up.  I get to wear it during my 7 (yes, just 7) miler tomorrow.  And taper continues...

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